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the pioneers; he was bold enough to publish the result of his investigations at a time when flying had only just been proved possible; and he has reason now to be well satisfied with the quality of his early work. book he has discussed matters of wide interest and, the present moment, of vital importance, and has considered in many bearings the relations between aeronautic science and military art In this new at In this effort many diffictulties have had to be faced, not the least of which is the lack of definite knowledge of the methods which have been employed and of the results which have been achieved by aircraft in the present the necessity of exercising extreme discretion in the use of information which is within his knowledge. In the first respect I have some advantage over Mr. Lanchester in the second he, in writing the book, and I in introduc- ing it, suffer under the same disability. During the past three years Mr. Lanchester and I have had several tussles in private And, further, there has been war. on the questions pretty good debated in this book. Each put up a Mr. Lanchester is well сan ground defence his own on protected by his profound knowledge of physical science and his practical acquaintance with several branches of engineering. I am of military prejudice, with some dim recollections of early scientific training my incursions into Mr. Lanchester's territory, I have strongly entrenched behind a barricade as reserves for counter-attack. In now and then received a buffet which has made me more wary. And occasionally, I think, Mr.Lanchester has found himself hung up in my wire entanglements. I should like nothing better than to fight out, in public and with due formality, these points-not a few-on which he and I disagree; but at the present moment this is impossible,