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§ 73

experience. The path of the torpedo is indicated by the dotted line ,Pa It is even disturbance still further by arrauging the torpedo what behind the position above assumed, discharge the centre of gravity would in some degree compensate for the loss of weight giving the opinion of the author, however, it is not to be recommended, since it would result in the machine being catastrophically unstable (prior to the discharge of the torpedo),

74. Aeroplane and Submarine. It is well known that the submarine, although when submerged invisible to an observer or "look-out" on the deck of possible to diminish the some so that om moves forward. This a less net change in the natural velocity. In as or would at least tend in that direction warship or other vessel, is clearly visible, and may be readily located by an aeronaut from a sufficient altitude. The conditions are similar to those frequently noticed when fish in a river from the river-bank. The torpedo-boat when operating against the sunbmarine is at a considerable disadvantage, inasmuch as when the latter is submerged the only visible sign of its presence is its periscope a pole of a few inches in diameter, projecting feet out of the water. Ordinarily it is the point where the periscope"rips " the surface that forms the most conspicuous visible indication. Thus that, in the future, operations directed against the submarines of an enemy will involve the employment of aircraft, at least as a means of reconnaissance important fact that in this particular service the enemy (the submarine) has no possible that the dirigible may prove itself as well suited bridge, but are invisible destroyer clearly from are seen or some few we may anticipate It is an power of offence; hence it is to the work as the aeroplane. It is true that the modern submarine is being fitted with guns of light calibre, but these are only available after the vessel has come to