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§ 79

goes, it is impossible to fly any aeroplane which has to rise from the water under such conditions. However, if it should prove possible to fly, half the total days in the year, the extended range of vision obtained (even by snch limited use of the air scout) would frequently prove of decisive value. In the case, for cxample, of the recent pursuit of the Emden and Königsberg, if our cruisers had been able to sweep a belt of some 200 or 300 miles in width (instead of about one-tenth of that amount), the result might have been achieved in far less time. A cruiser, well served by its air scouts, in pursuit of an enemy (if not fast enough strong enough to give battle), would be able, having located the enemy, to warn and at the same time to call for the requisite reinforce as an average, on but or merchantmen of their danger It would also be no longer possible for an enemy ments cruiser to sccure concealment amongst the islands of an archipelago or in a river mouth or estuary.

80. Points in Favour of the Double-Float. For the duties of bomb and torpedo air-craft, discussed in detail in the preceding chapter, the boat type of machine is ill-suited; the conditions two-float type bomb-magazine or torpedo-cradle being arranged centrally beneath the fuselage, from which position, by suitable release mechanism, the missile let fall. It is doubtful, two-float type will prove a vessel not especially fitted out for its reception, and it is further doubtful whether it will prove as sea worthy when compelled to depend However, there are authorities who are give it preference the smaller craft there is something to be said in favour of the fact that,

are such as would indicate the The latter admits of the as necessary be readily torpedo on the other hand, whether the or cain as convenient to handle aboard on its ow resources disposed even to on the latter count, and certainly for long as the floats are intact aud