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This page needs to be proofread.

yet, no rule-of-thumb method of arriving at a and correct allotment of aircraft to an army of given definite strength. The only safe line on which to consider, first, what are to be required proceed is to are the services which the aircraft perform? Second, how much of justified in devoting to these services? The answer to the first question shows to our available resources are we a list which increases with each successive month of war. propounding of the second will inevitably raise a controversy of which the only possible settlement will be a compromise. The final decision, however, ought on relative value, not on relative numbers

On the merits of these and other questions raised by Mr. Lanchester, the reader must be the judge. I hope that there may be many readers, and that they will give consideration to their judgments, for, whether they agree or not with the author, they will find here much that is The mere to be based worthy of study and reflection

David Henderson