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§ 1

endeavouring to lay down complete axioms as to the military future of aircraft of a positive character, he pretends to be in a dried constructive programme; his intention is rather to give something in the nature of a lead in the direction in which it appears development may be logically anticipated

2. The Primary and Secondary Functions of the Aeronautical Arm employment in connection with military operations most valuable property of the flying-machine is its mobility; it is mobile to a scarcely have been dreamt of in the warfare of the past. When, therefore, an army in the field in which the aeroplane may show to advantage, we present fulfilled by the cavalry, hitherto the Arm to be enployed wherever mobility is of importance.

is well recognised that one of the main duties for which the cavalry have hitherto been responsible-namely, or that cut-and position to formulate a It is generally recognised that in its a aeroplane degree which can or we look for uses in co-operation with naturally turn to examine the duties at Thus it to which aircraft are pre- duty reconnaissance-is eminently suited. It is at the outset important to realise that cavalry, in face of the improvements in with the advent of the armis and artillery,[1] small armoured motor-car, and witl the greater mobility of the main bodies of troops in modern warfare, have been finding the difficulties of effective reconnaissance tinually greatest authorities on the subject that of the reports. sent in by cavalry patrols of any use to the commanding officer, usually owing to events having auticipated the receipt of the information; in other words, the whole process of tactical co11- the increase It is stated by one of the Ol uot more than per cent. are


  1. Not to mention entanglements of barbed wire.