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§ 2

comprised by its duties and actions relating to the three pre-existing Arms of the Service-viz., the infantry, cavalry, and comprised by its duties in the attack on and defence from its like Arm-i.e., the destrnction or countering of hostile aircraft. function of the aeronautical Arm as artillery. Its secondary function is defined as

It is necessary to be perfectly clear as to the above definitions. In considering, in the first instance, the comparative merits of the aeronautical and the older Arms of the Service for any particular duty, needful to do in order to justify, particular type the initial discussion the action or as it is otherwise, any or or usage, it is futile to import into possible cou1nter manceuvres of the enemy's aircraft; this latter may, or important factor, but its influence, when taken into account, must be studied not touching the air service n contemplation, but affecting the other Arms of the Service (more particularly the cavalry) in its corres- matter of logic, in discussing the functions and duties of the aeronantical Arm, and the type-specifications of machines by which are to be secured, the primary function alone provisional scheme and specifications have been formulated, it is time to take count of the secondary function, and to endeavour by careful prevision to forestall the enemy may not, eventually prove an only as also at the same time as In brief, ponding usage as a its objects has to be considered. Subsequently, when a S

Also the Navy and merchant marine where naval warfare is in question