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This page needs to be proofread.
§ 12

duties question heavily; thus we may take 2000 ft. as representing the lower altitude limit of ordinary military flyiug. Anything less than this will be referred to in the present series of articles as low- altitude flying. On this question of armour it cannot be too strongly insisted that anything less than the to stop the projectile is mushroomed" bullet, possibly a few detached fragents of steel, is disagreeable and dangerous than a bullet ore

thickness necessary definitely worse than useless accompanied by infinitely which has not been upset 7


more An aeroplane armoured in all its vitals with 3 mm steel, and otherwise designed lying difficult to on the lines indicated, at not less than 2000 ft. altitude, will be extremely bring down; so uch so, that unless its exposed structural members be literally riddled and shattered by rifie and machiue-gun, larger calibre be brought to bear, it wil be virtually impossible to effect its capture by gun-fire alone.

or nless a gun of