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Collection of Laws for Electronic Access


(a) Works the author of which has Albanian citizenship or lives permanently in the Republic of Albania, regardless of the country Where they were published for the first time.

(b) Works published for the first time in Albania or in a country that is a member of an international Copyright treaty or convention to which Albania is also a signatory.

(c) Works published for the first time in a country that is not a member of an international Copyright treaty or convention, to which Albania is a signatory, when the Works are published simultaneously in the territory of this country and in the Republic of Albania or in another country which is a signatory to the international Copyright treaty or convention.

(d) Works created before the moment this law came into force but have not yet fallen into the public domain through the expiry of the term of protection afforded under this law."

7. Article 52 will change as follows:

The Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education and Science are charged with issuing the relevant acts enforcing the implementation of this law

8. This law shall enter into force on the fifieenth day following its publication in the Official Gazette,

Skender Gjinushi


Copyright, Law (Amendment), 05/04/2000, No. 8594

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