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March Hare. "You might as well say that a forward pass is the same thing as a touch­down."

"You might as well say," the Dormouse drowsily murmured, "that to pass with an A is the same thing as to fail with an E."

"You might as well say that the Crime is the same thing as the penalty," said the Hatter.

"It is the same thing, if you read it," said the March Hare.

Alice was silent. She felt somehow that they were all talking nonsense.

"Now," said the Hatter, after a pause, "we will turn to the very important ques­tion whether straw hats should be worn by the Student Body before the first of April."

"Is that as important as to decide who should be manager of the Chess Team?" asked the March Hare.

"Well," said the Hatter judicially, "it certainly ought to come before the question of Freshman nominations."

"Phibetakappa, Phibetakappa, Phibeta­kappa," the Dormouse began, and would

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