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Fear not for the spring-time awaking;

Tis sure as the path of a star ; The Watcher unsleeping is ready

The doorway of sleep to unbar

In time for that stir in the forest

For the ears of a mortal too fine, When rootlets commence their spring ploughing,

And maple trees call up their wine.

Good-night, little shivering grasses !

Lie down neath the coverlet white, And rest till the cuckoo is singing ;

Good-night, little grasses, good-night !


THEY talked about music and fate, And moonlight, and swift intuition ; They murmured of mystical lore Love s advent by sweet premonition.

Then stared at the sticks of her fan

  • Till it broke so it seems from their story-

And quoted small scraps from a song All about faithful love and its glory.

A compact of friendship came next, Like an opal, fire-hearted, soft glowing,

Till jealousy taught one the truth,

Who woke from a dream at its showing.

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