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They spoke not a word, but the dominie s hand Trembled down where the bright promise lay,

Then close to each other the weary ones knelt, And a whisper stole up, " Let us pray."

The bright evening star looking in from the west To the angels above told the story,

And a shining one lovingly listened, and bent Toward the earth from her mansion of glory.


HOW many pounds does baby weigh "Baby" who came a month ago? How many pounds from crowning curl To rosy point of the restless toe ?

Grandfather ties the kerchief s knot, Tenderly guides the swinging weight,

And over his misty glasses peers To read the record, "Only eight."

Softly the echo goes around ;

The father laughs at the tiny girl, The fair young mother sings the words,

While grandma smoothes the rumpled curl,

Stooping above the precious one,

To fold a kiss within a prayer, To whisper softly, "Little one,

Grandfather did not weigh you fair."

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