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Bridging with thy cross the chasm, Quite too deep for human sight,

Thou hast taught us what to answer To these whispers in the night.


" Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

WHAT if the world has spun agee, Or seemed agee, since dawning, Lay down thy head upon thy bed, Trusting to God and morning.

If daily toil seem hard to bear

Under the world s cold scorning, Sleep softly, friend ! new strength will come ;

Kinder will be the morning.

If through the shadows of the night Come shapes and sounds of warning,

Bid them avaunt ; twill all come right, God willing, in the morning.

But, O God help thee, friend of mine,

When sorrow meets thee waking, And wounds the sunshine cannot cure

Gape in a heart that s breaking ;

�� �