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A NGRY and swelling, fierce and fast, 11 Ran wide the waves of Schism, Estranging friends on either bank

Blessed with a common chrism. At first it ran a tiny rill

Between two heads of clover ; At last it ran an angry flood

Dim eyes could scarce see over. This side the Old School gravely walked,

And preached and prayed and pondered ; That side the New School talked and prayed,

As down the stream it wandered.

From either side the shout went up, " Come over, friends, come hither !

The lamp of Life shines on us both From yonder surging river."

Each earnest envoy trimmed his bark,

Each bore the anchor golden, Forged by Westminster s prayerful ones

In council grave and olden ; Each to the beacon gladly came

For better light.

Lo ! gleaming, One torch burnt blue upon the waves,

One ruddy rays sent streaming Athwart the Doctrine Islands there,

Jagged and fearful lying,

�� �