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The tale of faithless queen uncrowned ! What picture half so well !

"And this, was taken at Fair Oaks,

They say. It came to me With gun, and cap, and hasty line Scrawled lying on his knee."

Over the soldier s solemn face, That time shall touch no more,

Nor sunshine find to add a line, Nor shadow darken more,

I looked, so I might not forget, Then whispered low a prayer,

If I might unto glory come, That I should know him there.


AND so the " campaign of a day " is ended ; The "house-mother" blesses each sleepy head, And for flag of truce, holds out a pillow Before the camp of the children s bed.

Now she counts the cost of the day just ended By the tingling nerves at her finger-tips,

And seals the last of her war-despatches On the childish brows with her loving lips.

�� �