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More golden glow Life s ebbing sand, With light I bring from Dreamer s Land.


DID you ever hear of the Maple-leaf, His life full of discontent, Grumbling through every day he lived, Growling wherever he went ?

He found himself in the early spring Just out from a varnished crown,

And felt aggrieved at the shelter torn, And pushed it in anger down.

He quarrelled first with his lowly lot, Quite down on the great green tree,

And then at the crowd of leaves above As far as his glance could see.

He made complaint to the Forest Lord Regarding his verdant guise,

While tulips shone in the garden near With crimson and scarlet dyes.

Then straightway under the autumn sun He shone like a blossom gay ;

Was he happy then in his new attire, Made of sunset colors ? Nay. P

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