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Then you snubbed Alexander Von Stiner So provoking Well, all I can say,

You can blame your own self, you remember ; You ve thrown your best season away."

beautiful, low-lying summer ! Peep over the hills of the South,

To whisper "not lost" to the matron,

And spare the young tremulous mouth That is shaping its newly-formed story,

Albeit tis love in a cot, Pressing hard on maternal ambition,

That counts it a wearisome lot.

  • * * *

And then came the stir of departure,

When, fair neath the wide gypsy hat,

1 saw the sweet face of the culprit,

The bonny blue eyes, "and all that," Heard the ripples of soft, merry laughter

Well out from the girl s happy soul ; Ah ! she carried her summer-time with her,

Nor grudged Love the season he stole.


UNDER a cloud of cradle-lace Nestled a tiny stranger face, Thrice welcome to the failing race

Of John Gray, Senior.

�� �