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Jest before she came to sunrise Now, it seems, as I can see

Mother lookin out o giory, Smilin softly down at me !


��1 EE ! the birds are here !" "Ah ! the birds have

gone!" One cry o er another slips, Till adown in the tangled beaten grass The foot of the summer trips.

All the rosy wreaths of the May-buds lie

Under brown September sheaves, While across the top of the empty nest

Arachne her kerchief weaves.


��The birds have come !" Did they ever sing, Little Ruth, so sweet before ? Listen long and well, for the song to-day Is a song without encore.

The birds will come with another spring,

And the May-bush blossoms show ; But the sweetest song they can sing but once

But once can the same rose blow.

"Ah! the birds have gone!" Nay, the maid be trothed Cares not for the empty nest ;

�� �