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But while I live, and can earn his keep, Old Charcoal and I won t part ;

For, squire, I really think sometimes The dog has a human heart.

My little Jacky he loved him so

And Jacky he s gone, you see ; And so it pears as if Charcoal knows

That he s more than folks to me."

The squire is gone with his horse and hound,

And master and I still wait Together, and side by side go in

At night through the lonely gate ; But by and by one must go alone

One only be left of three, To pass the gate and cottage-door :

Alas ! if it should be me !


THE cold white mist crept silently Up from the river s edge, Hanging its curtain from the sky .

Down to the sodden sedge ; I could not see the ragged shine

Of wavelets dancing fair, But, though I saw no merry stream, I knew the stream was there.

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