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Well, it sounds very funny to read it

When I ve heard the dear grandfather snore !

Did it seem just as charming to grandma

As Charlie s dear letters to me, When he writes of devotion and worship.

And " bliss " with a proper-sized " b " ? Will somebody, some time, be reading

With wonder the words I hold dear? Will Twenty look backward at Threescore,

Pronouncing its love-record queer?


AH ! never you ll guess, little baby, How fair are the visions I weave How earnest the wishes I whisper, How loving the kisses I leave

On lids like a late-folded rose-leaf, On nestled cheek downy and warm,

On mouth with its small dream aquiver, On fingers and vague battling arm.

This kiss I lay softly and slowly,

And weigh it down thus, with a prayer

That a God-given guerdon of blessing May go with the name* you shall bear-

  • Ethel "noble. [Sax. Obs.]

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