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I will watch for you here by the rushes, To tell you, O friends, it is true.

"And so, little Laura, he s looking,

To call out of ways dark and drear

Some creature that gropes in the shadow,

Into glory and light, crystal clear."


DO you think, little sorrowful lady, That no one has trouble but you ? When you wish to "be gay as a robin," Remember, we robins get blue.

Aren t there bloodthirsty cats to appall us With fearful and terrible stare ?

So a mother-bird never is happy, Nor free from solicitous care.

Why, the mischievous boys of the village I think will unsettle my brain,

When they threaten to torture and pillage, Regardless of protest or pain,

And then, Mr. Robin is careless He don t stay at home as he should ;

And if I reproach him he whistles, And flies to his club in the wood.

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