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I m furnishing my new home ;

I wonder, would you spare That old Dutch clock up garret,

And spinning-wheel, to me ? The fire-dogs do you use them ?

And candlesticks ? You see

"I can buy new ones, gorgeous,

But these are dearer far ; And that old delf I d like it,

In spite of nick and mar. I won t ask for the sideboard,

For that I know you care, But there s the old piano

Why, mother, how you stare !"


I THOUGHT some petitions of mine Were unanswered as days hurried by, And so I went groping in mist,

When I should have looked up to the sky ;

Until, looking still at the earth As I sat in the old cottage-door,

Mid dreams of the shadowy feet

That should enter that threshold no more,

I saw, by the foot-trodden stone,

Through the crevices threading the mould,

�� �