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Pale malachite shafts bearing up

Caskets brimming with daffodil gold.

Ah ! then I remembered it all :

It was there in November I laid Some titles to sunshine away

Folded promises sure to be paid j

And then had forgotten them all, Since crystalline snow-flowers white

Had hid the brown earth underneath,

Twixt darkness and dawning, one night

Forgot to look down by the door

When the blue-birds were carolling clear Forgot when the robins came nigh,

Looking over the nests of last year.

But all the time, softly and sure, The sunshine befriended the spot,

And though I forgot they were there, The daffodils never forgot.

And thus it seems helpful to know,

When our eyelids with weeping are wet,

And weary with waiting the while, God and daffodils never forget.

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