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WATCHING, watching by the portal Of the city s golden street, Still a childish angel lingered, Maidenly and strangely sweet.

All the bright ones swiftly passing Blessed her on their outward way,

As she whispered, "Is my mother Coming, angel fair, to-day?"

When the hosts who do His bidding Sped, their waiting harps to tune,

Each one met the patient query, " Is my mother coming soon?

" I came on with Jesus early,

Clinging to His pierced hand ; Will she find me, coming later Up to Him and Glory-Land ?

"It seems ages since I left her

Ages since she kissed my hair; Can you tell me, kindly angels, Why .does mother tarry there?"

When a silver shadow brightened Up from earth to gate of pearl,

Lo ! a mother, angel-guided,

Sought and found her little girl ;

�� �