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John Lade.
Arthur Lakes.

Lade, (Sir) John (Bart.), s. John (Whithorne), of Isle of Jamaica, arm. University Coll., matric. 3, May, 1738, aged 17; and baronet, assumed the name of Lade in lieu of Whithorne, died 12 Feb., 1747 when the baronetcy expired.

Lade, (Sir) John (Bart.), s. John, of Westminster, baronet. Christ Church, matric. 15 Nov., 1776, aged 17; and baronet, died 10 Feb., 1838, when the baronetcy expired.

Ladyman, John, 1s. Joseph Harrison, of Norwich, gent. St. John's Coll., matric. 12 Oct, 1878, aged 29.

Laffan, Rev. Robert Stuart de Courcy, 1s. Robert Michael, of London, arm. Merton Coll., matric 17 Oct, 1874, aged 21; B.A. 1878, M.A. 1884, senior classical master Derby Grammar School 1880-4. head-master King Edward School, etc., Stratford-on-Avon, 1885.

Laffer, Athanasius, s. John, of Alternan, Cornwall, gent. Christ Church, matric. 13 Oct, 1708, aged 19; B.A. 1804, perp. curate St. Juliot, Cornwall, died in 1844.


Lafont, Henry, M.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin ; incorp. Z5 Sep., Z73a See Cat. Grads. Lafont, John, of Emmanuel Coll., Cambridge (RA. z8ao, M.A. 1823), adm. 'ad eundem' z July, 1835, rector of Hinxworth, Herts, and Sutton Bonnington, Notts, 1827, until his death 13 Oct, 1844. Lafont, Ogle Russell, is. John, of Hinxworth, Herts, cler. St. John's Coll., matric 18 Feb., 1846, aged 18 ; RA. 1849, M.A. 185a, rector of Hinx- worth 1853-85. Laidlawjames, is. John, of Dominica, West Indies, arm. trinity Coll., matric. 26 June, 1837, aged 16. Laldlay, Andrew, is. John, of Calcutta, East Indies, genL Quern's Coll., matric. 17 Oct., 1864, aged 19 ; RA. 1868, B.C.L. & M.A. 1871, of Sea Cliff House, Haddingtonshire, and a commissioner of supply, bar.-at-mw, Lincoln's Inn, 1872. See Foster's Men at the Bar, [10] Laldler, Thomas, s. John, of Lowick, Northumber- land, gent. St. Edmund Hall, matric 2 July, Lainejl James Moullin, as. John Abraham, of St Sampson's, Guernsey, gent. Exeter Coll., matric.

Oct., 1876, aged 18 ; scholar 1876-81, B.A. 1880, 

M.A. 1883. See Coll. Reg. t 168. Lalnff, Allan Stewart, s. James, of Isle of Dominica, West Indies, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 26 Oct., 1805, aged 17; RA. 1809, M.A. 181a, bar.- at-law, Middle Temple, 1812, a police magistrate at Hatton Garden, died 12 Feb., 1862. Lalng, Charles Miskin, o.s. Charles, of Rosherville, near London, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric. 15 Oct., 1881, aged 18 ; B.A. 1885, B.C.L. & M.A. 1888. Laing, Rev. Francis, s. Alexander, of Edinburgh (city), gent. Worcester Coll., matric. 12 May, I 795. aged 22 ; B. A. from Balliol Coll. 1799, M.A. , died at the Mythe, 00. Gloucester, 24 Nov., , aged 88. [15] Lalng, Francis Alexander. Merton Coll., 1864. See Whitmorb. Laing, Francis Henry. Wadham Coll., 1838. See Whitmore. Lalng, Francis Kelly, as. Samuel, of Sydenham, Kent, arm. Christ Church, matric. ax May, 1873, aged 18 ; a student of Lincoln's Inn 1873, died . Laing, John William, as. James, of Glasgow, arm. Christ Church, matric. 7 June, 1865, aged 19 ; S.C.L. & RA. from Magdalen Hall 187a, M.A. from Christ Church 1872. Lai&g, Joseph, is. George, of Tower Hill, London, arm. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 16 Nov.. , aged 16. [ao] Lalng, Joseph, is. George, of St. Katherine's, London, arm. University Coll., matric. Z7 Dec, 1823, aged 17 ; RA. 1828. Laing, Philip (Mathison Tovey), 2s. William, of Col- chester, cler. Non-Coll., matric., 1881, aged 17 ; B.A. from St. John's Coll. 1886. Laing, Robert. Wadham Coll., 1859, lecturer in law and modern history 1866-73. See Cuthbert Shields. Laixi£. Thomas Josiah, o.s. Thomas, of St. Dunstan's- in-the-East, London, arm. Magdalen Hall,. matric 18 Nov., 1841, aged 30. Lalnson, John, is. John, of Bermondsey, arm, Exeter Coll., matric. 15 Oct, 1833, aged 17 ; a student of Lincoln's Inn 1839, father of the next named. [aaj Lalnson, John Arthur, is. John, of Brighton, Sussex, arm. University Coll., matric. 19 April, 1864. aged 19 ; RA. 1868, M.A. 1870. Laird, Egerton Knox, 5s. John, of Birkenhead, Cheshire, arm. Non-Coll., matric 18 Feb., 1876,, aged 28. LaiaMey. George New, is. George, of Southampton* gent St. Mary Hall, matric. 19 Nov., 1840* aged 17. Lake, (Sir) Atwell (Bart), s. Bibye, of St Helen's* London, Middlesex, baronet. Jesus Coll., matric. 29 April, 1731, aged 17 ; and baronet, died 10 April* 1760 (? rector of St Peter, West Lynn, Norfolk). See Foster's Baronetage. Lake, Edward, is. Edward, of Hoo, near Rochester* Kent, gent Wadham Coll., matric. aa Oct.* 1856. aged 18 ; RA. i860, M.A. 1863. [sof Lake, Gilbert, s. Gilbert, of Chippenham, Wilts, cler. Queen's Coll., matric. 23 Oct., Z734, aged 16* B.A. 1758, M.A. 1741, vicar of Westport with Charl- ton, Wilts, 1749, and of Seagreen, Wilts, 175a Lake, Harry, 5s. John, of Hackney, Middlesex, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric. 19 June, 1851, aged 20. Lake, Herbert John, 4s. Henry, of London, arm. New Coll., matric 14 Oct., 1864, aged 19; B.A. 1868, M.A. 1871, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 187a See- Foster's Men at the Bar. Lake, John, s. James, of Truro, Cornwall, pleb. Mag- dalen Hall, matric. 28 March, 1757, aged ao* rector of Lanivet, Cornwall, 1770, until his death* buried there 4 June, 1805. Lake, John James, s. John, of Lanivet, Cornwall, cler. ' Exeter Coll. , matric 30 May, 1797, aged 15 * exhibitioner 1799, B.A. 1802, M.A. 1805, fellow 1805, until his death 31 Jan., 1809. See Coll. Reg. % 118. Lake, Reginald John, as. George, of Islington, Middle- sex, gent New Coll., matric 15 Oct., 1869, aged 19; B.A. 1872, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1874. See Foster's Men at the Bar & Rugby School Rtg.. 472. [3«) Lake, Robert, s. Robert, of Charleton, Devon, gent. Trinity Coll., matric 1 April, 1732, aged 18. Lake, Robert, s. Robert, of Scobel, Devon, arm. wadham Coll., matric. 19 May, 1779, aged 18. Lake, Samuel, s. Robert, of St Martin's, Salisbury, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 10 Feb., 1738-9, aged 18. Lake, William Charles, is. Charles, of London, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 29 Nov., 1834, aged 17 * scholar 1834-8, B.A. 1838, fellow 1838-59, M.A. 1 84 1, tutor 1842-57, etc, proctor 1852-3, public examiner 1853, Whitehall preacher, rector of Hunt- spill, Somerset, 1858-69, preb. of Wells 1860-9, dean of Durham and D.D. 1869, and warden of Durham University 1869, etc See Rugby School Reg., 149. Lake, William Hoblyn, s. John, of Lanivet, Cornwall, cler. Wadham Coll. , matric. 4 June, 1794, aged 14 ; RA. 1798, M.A. 1803, fellow until 1812, when he was lost in the Texel, when chaplain of H.M.S. St. George. [*ll Lakes, Arthur, y.s. John, of Martock. Somerset, cler. Queen's Coll., matric 5 Feb., 1863, aged 19. [809] Digitized by Google