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Lewis Lawrence.
Francis Lawson.

Lawrence, Lewis, as. Charles, of Llanelwedd, co. Radnor, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 30 June, 1821, aged 18 ; B. A. 1825, curate of Brcwood, 00. Stafford, died 19 Dec., 1831. Lawrenoe, Neville George Murrajr, is. John, of Hampstead, Middlesex, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 15 May, 1844, aged 18; B.A. 1849, M.A. , vicar of Forebridge, co. Stafford, 1853-73, chaplain at Freiburg in Baden since x88a Xawrenoe, Philip, s. Philip, of Sutton, Wilts, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 13 May, 1727, aged 18 ; B.A. from Christ Church 17 March, 2730-1, M.A. 1734, vicar of Henley, and rector of Ash Becking, Suffolk, 1740, until his death 24 Feb.,

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Xiawrenoe, Philip, s. Philip, of Henley, Suffolk, cler. Christ Church, matric. 26 April, 1758, aged 17 ; ] B.A. 1763, M.A. 1764. Lawrenoe, Richard, s. Richard, of , Dorset, cler. ♦ Exeter Coll., matric. aa Oct., 1730, aged 19; B.A. 1734. [5| Lawrenoe, Richard Brissett, s. James, of Jamaica, West Indies, arm. Balliol Coll., matric a Nov., 1813, aged 33. Lawrenoe, Richard James, a James, of Jamaica, West Indies, arm. St. Mary Hall, matric. 39 Oct, , aged 18 ; died 8 Nov., 183a See biographical notice in Gent's Mag., 47a. Lawrence, Robert, s. Walter, of Sevenhampton, co. Gloucester, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 7 June, . *5 ed l8 * B-A. 1747. Lawrenoe, Robert, s. Robert, of Shurdington, co. Gloucester, arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 10 April, X783, aged 17 ; B.A. 1787, M.A. 1790 (? B. & D.D. from Worcester Coll. 3 May, 1815, as R. L. Townsend [see that name], rector of Alderton, co. Gloucester, 1705). Lawrenoe, Robert, 4s. John, of Newport, co. Mon- mouth, gent Worcester Coll., matric. a8 Jan., 1865, aged 19 ; B.A. 1869. [IO] Lawrenoe, Robert John Grewse, a Benjamin, of Marylebone, Middlesex, cler. CHRIST CHURCH, matric. 9 Feb., 1815, aged 18. Lawrenoe, Thomas, s. Thomas, of St Margaret's, Westminster, gent. Trinity Coll., matric. ao March, 1736-7, aged 15; B.A. 1730, M.A. 1733, B.Med. 1736, D.Med. 1740, F.R.C.P. 1744, presi- dent 1767-74, died 6 June, 1783. See Munk's Roll. , ii. 15a Lawrence, Thomas, s. John, of Builth, co. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 3 April, 1770, aged 18. Lawrenoe, Sir Thomas, created D.C.L. 14 June, z8ao, then president of the Royal Academy (son of Thomas, a supervisor of excise), A.R.A. 1791, R.A. 1794, a principal painter in ordinary to the King 1792, knighted so April, 1815, born at Bristol 13 April, 1769, died unmarried 7 Jan., 1830, buried in Sl Paul's Cathedral. See Cent's Mag., 174. Lawrenoe, Rev. Thomas, s. Thomas, of Demerara, West Indies, arm. Exeter Coll.. matric. a July, 1816, aged 16 ; B.A. i8az, M. A. 1833, bar.-at-law, Lincoln s Inn, 1837, died 31 May, 1881. [15] Lawrenoe, Thomas Edward, 4s. Henry, of Tenby, co. Pembroke, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 31 May, i860, aged ax ; B.A. 1864, M.A. 1874, rector of Bridenbury, co. Hereford, 1873-4, vicar of Far Cotton, Northants, 1876-80, rector of Walgrave, Northants, 1880-3. Lawrenoe, Thomas Northmore, 3s. Northmore Herle Pierce, of Launceston, Cornwall, arm. Trinity Coll., matric, 16 June, z86a, aged 18 ; B.A. z866, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1869, died 8 July, 1886. See Foster's Men at the Bar. Lawrenoe, Walter, 4s. Edward Sampson, of London, gent St. John's Coll., matric. 13 Oct., 1877, aged 18 ; scholar 1877-84, B.A. 1881, bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 2883. See Robinson, 369. Lawrenoe, Walter Lawrence, s. William Morris, of Hempstead, co. Gloucester, arm. Magdalen Coll. , matric. 4 July, 1817, aged 18 : of Sandywett Park arid Sevenhampton Manor, J. P. , D. L. , assumed the surname and arms of Lawrence in lieu of Morris by royal licence 85 Aug., 18x5, a student of Lincoln's Inn, 1831, died 3 Dec., 1877. Lawrenoe, Walter Roper, 6s. George, of Moreton-on- Lugg, co. Hereford, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. I70ct.,x877, aged so ; of the Indian Civil Service 1877* bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1883, assistant commis- sioner Punjab. See Foster's Men at the Bar. [aoj Lawrenoe, William Edwards, o.s. William , of Wootton - under-Edge, co. Gloucester, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 5 April, 1833, aged 18. Lawrenoe, William Frederick, is. Charles Washing- ton, of Liverpool, cler. Christ Church, matric. 19 Jan., 1864, aged 19; B.A. 1867, M.A. 1872, of Cowesfield House. Wilts, J. P., bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1871, M.P. Liverpool (Abercromby division )> Nov., 1885. See Foster's Men at the Bar ft Eton School Lists. Lawrenoe, William Robert, is. William, of Chelsea, Middlesex, arm. Worcester Coll., matric & Dec., 184a, aged 19. Lawrenoe, Rev. Zante Webb, is. James Eli, of Wandsworth, Surrey, gent. Exrter Coll., matric 33 Oct, 1880, aged 19 ; B.A. 1883. Lawrenson, William Robert, o.s. William, of Dublin (city), arm. Oriel Coll., matric za Feb., 1819, aged 17 ; RA. 1834. [as] Lawrle, Andrew Douglas, is. Andrew, of London, gent Christ Church, matric 16 Oct., 1874. aged 18 ; B.A. 1878, M.A. 1883, of Mount Mascal, Kent, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1879. See Foster' a Men at the Bar Si Eton School Lists. Lawrle, George James, a Archibald, of Loudoun, co. Ayr, Scotland, cler. Balliol Coll., matric so> March, 1817, aged ao. Lawry, Samuel Simon, s. John, of Lambeth, Surrey, cler. Queen's Coll., matric 34 Nov., 1773, aged 18 ; B. A. 1776, M.A. 1779, rector of Blunham, Beds, 1783, until his death in 1806. Laws, Edward, is. John Milligen, of Lamphey Courts near Pembroke (town), arm. Wadham Coll., matric 38 May, 1856, aged 19 ; of Tenby, 00. Pem- broke, J. P. Laws, Thomas Coz, a John, of St. Ann's, London, Middlesex, gent. St. John's Coll., matric io» Oct., 1715, aged 16; B.C.L 1733. [SO] Lawson, Andrew, ss. Marmaduke, of York (city), cler. Merton Coll., matric 1 Feb., 1819, aged 18 ; of Aldborough Manor, and Boroughbridge Hall, Yorks, J. P., D.L*. M.P. Boroughbridge 1830 (unseated). Knaresborough 1835-7, and 1841-7, died 38 Feb. 1853. See Foster's Yorkshire Collection. Lawson, Andrew Sherlock, is. Andrew, of Bramfield, Suffolk, arm. Merton Coll., matric 28 May, 1843, aged 17 ; postmaster 1843-4, of Aldborough Manor and Boroughbridge Hall, Yorks, J. P. D.L., died 33 May, 187a Lawson, Charles, s. Thomas, of East Kirkby, co. Lin- coln, cler. Corpus Christi Coll., matric ix Feb., 1746-7, aged 18; scholar 1748-9, B.A. 31 March, 1750*1, M.A. 1753, and master Manchester School July, 1749-64, , high master 1764, until his- death 19 April, 1807. See Manchester School Reg., i. xai, etc. Lawson, Charles, scholar St. John's Coll., Cam- bridge, 1833 (B.A. 1834, M.A. 1837); adm. *ad eundem ' a July, 1839 (? archdeacon of Barbados). Lawson, Charles Philip, 3a Robert, of Tiverton, Devon, arm. Balliol Coll., matric 14 March, 1850, aged 17 ; B.A. 1854, M.A. 1856, assistant- curate St. John's, Cheltenham, died 38 Dec. , 1857. Lawson, Francis, s. John, of Tavistock Street, London., arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 18 Feb., 175a, aged 14; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1758, father of the next named. [36}

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