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I would desire the reader not only to read the text entire, before he reads the exposition, but, as the several verses are referred to in the exposition, to cast his eye upon them again, and then he will the better understand what he reads. And if he have leisure, he will find it of use to him to turn to the scriptures, which are sometimes only referred to for brevity's sake, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

It is the declared purpose of the Eternal mind, in all the operations both of providence and grace, to magnify the law, and to make it honourable; (Isa. 42. 21.) nay, to magnify his word above all his name; (Ps. 138. 2.) so that when we pray, Father, glorify thy name, we mean this, among other things, Father, magnify the holy scriptures; and to that prayer, made in faith, we may be sure of that answer which was given to our blessed Saviour when he prayed it, with particular respect to the fulfilling the scriptures in his own sufferings, I have both glorified it, and I will glorify it yet again, John 12. 28. To this great design I humbly desire to be some way serviceable, in the strength of that grace by which I am what I am, hoping that what may help to make the reading of the scriptures more easy, pleasant, and profitable, will be graciously accepted by Him that smiled on the widow's two mites cast into the treasury, as an intention to magnify it, and make it honourable; and if I can but gain that point, in any measure, with some, I shall think my endeavours abundantly recompensed, however, by others, I and my performances may be vilified and made contemptible.

I have now nothing more to add, than to recommend myself to the prayers of my friends, and them to the grace of the Lord Jesus; and so rest an unworthy dependent upon that grace, and, through that, an expectant of the glory to be revealed.

M. H.

Chester, October 2, 1706.