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face in greater quantities-. In fine weather they probably retire to the rocks[1], where such food may then be most plentiful.

Among these birds we chiefly noticed the albatross, black shear-water, sooty petrell, pintado birds, Port Egmont

  1. The existence of many undiscovered islands, rocks, and shoals in the southern ocean, may be inferred from several circumstances. The patches of sea-weed met with, many hundred leagues from any known land is one of them, and the frequent temporary smoothness of the sea without any apparent cause is another. The Bounty Islands, in the latitude of 47° 32' S. and longitude 179° 10' E. were accidentally discovered by Captain Bligh; and an island was found in latitude 49° 19' S. and longitude 179° 20' E. by Captain Waterhouse, to which he gave the name of Pen-antipode. Neither of these islands were examined. Would it not be object worthy of the attention of the British government, to employ a vessel in traversing these seas during the summer months, in order to acquire a greater certainty on this head.