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No foreigner is allowed; to reside here, unless he subsists by some mechanical trade, or is in the Service of the state; and if it appears that any idlers are inclined to remain in the colony by stealth, after sufficient warning and opportunities to get away, they are ar-

Ordinis, Sancti Antonii Fratrum
Observantiæ suæ
Thomas Muir de Hunters-hill
Gente Scholus, Anima Orbis sefrarum Civis

O Scholia[1]Scotia![2] ô longum felix, longumque superba
Ante alias patria, Herpum sanctissima tellus
Dives opum secunda viris, lætissima campis uberibus[2]
Ætumnus memorare tuas summamque malorum uberibus:[1]
Quis queat, et dictis, nostra æquare dolores
Et turpes ignominisl*, et barbara jussa
Et nos patriæ fines, et dulcia linquimus arva,
Et cras ingens iterabimur æquor.

Civitate Sancti Sebastiani 23 Julii 1794.

^ struck out by hand (Wikisource contributor note)

^ written in by hand, presumably by author (see chapter 1) (Wikisource contributor note)