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some young ladies, than can be equalled Hi die pages of Ovid[1]. The features of the females can in no instance that I saw, claim the title of beautiful, and even very few Reserve the epithet of pretty; however, their black eyes, large, full, and sparkling, give a degree of brilliancy to their dark complexions, and throw some expression into their countenances; but it is too generally the mere expression of animal vivacity,

  1. The amorous precepts of this author are well followed by the Rio ladies;

    If snowy-white your neck; you still should wear
    That, and the shoulder of the left arm, bare;
    Such sights ne'er fail to fire my am'rous heart,
    And make me pant to kiss the naked part.

    Art of Love, translated by Congreve.

    But they should recollect, that this voluptuous author addressed himself to Italian women, and that the "Parian marble," to which their skins were compared, is by no means applicable to Brasilians complexions.