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The young ladies who are educated in the Convents, are permitted to converse even, with strangers at the gate, and often shewed their partiality for our countrymen, by the interchange ef pocket-handkerchiefs and other trifles. There is something so interesting in the silvery tones of a secluded damsel, when two rows of iron bars intervene to prevent a near approach, something so Pyramus and Thisbe [1]like, that tfhe heart of a true-born Englishman cannot fail being captivated.

"Tis distance lends enchantment to the view," and while he repeats the swelling, names of Magdelina, Antonia,

  1. Here Pyramus, there gentle Thisbe strove,
    To catch each other's breath, the balmy breeze of love.

    Ovid. Met.