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—Storm.—The Fancy arrives from Norfolk Island.—The Supply and Reliance arrive.—Governor Hunter’s commission read.—Transactions.—Another arrival from England.—Colonial regulations.—The Sovereign store-ship arrives from England.—Convict executed.—Printing press employed.—Ration.—Information from Norfolk Island.—The cattle lost in 1788 discovered.—Bennillong’s conduct after his return from England.—Natives.—Meteorological phænomenon.—Deaths in 1795.

XV. The Arthur arrives from India.—Francis from Norfolk Island.—Playhouse opened.—Stills destroyed.—Ceres store-ship arrived.—And Experiment from India.—Ship Otter from America.—Natives.—Deaths.—A transport arrives with prisoners from Ireland.—A criminal court held.—Black Cæsar shot.—Otter takes away Mr. Muir.—Abigail from America arrives.—A forgery committed.—Works.—Particulars respecting Mr. Hampton, and of the fate of Captain Hill and Mr. Carter.—A schooner arrives from Dusky Bay.—Crops bad.—Robberies committed.—Natives.—Bennillong.—Cornwallis sails.—Gerald and Skirving die.—Orders.—The Supply returns.—The Susan arrives from North America.—And the Indispensable from England.—A Criminal and Civil Court held.—Sick.—Thefts committed.—The Britannia arrives from Bengal.—Mr. Raven’s opinion on the passage to India.—State of the settlers.—The Governor goes to Mount Hunter.—Deaths.—Two men killed.—Consequent Regulations.—The Britannia hired to proceed to England.—Report of the natives.—A criminal court assembled.—A settler executed for murder.—The Swan sails.—Ship from Boston.—Deaths.—Weather.—A temporary church opened at Parramatta.—The Supply sails.—Account of stock.—Land in cultivation, and numbers in the colony.—A murder committed.—Britannia sails for England.—General observations. 318
XVI. State of Norfolk Island.—Account of the New Zealanders.—Remarks on the manners and customs of the natives of New South Wales. 336
XVII. Regulations and proceedings of the Governor.—A man found dead.—A woman murdered.—Character of the settlers at the river.—Houses numbered at Sydney.—Bennillong claims protection from the Governor.—Weather in October.—Two victuallers arrive from England.—Civil appointment.—A Criminal Court held.—Executions.—One man hung in chains.—Effect of this upon the natives.—A ge-