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neral muster.—Regulations.—A native girl murdered.—Weather.—The Governor visits Richmond Hill.—His transactions there.—A stack of wheat burnt.—The clergyman’s attention to the children.—The Governor goes to Botany Bay.—George’s River.—Lightning and its effects.—The natives.—Weather.—Number of men not victualled by government who had been convicts.—An extraordinary theft.—Court of criminal judicature twice held.—One man suffered death.—The natives attack the settlers.—Weather.

XVIII. Report revived of a white woman being with the natives.—Some civil regulations.—Natives burn a house.—The Governor goes on an excursion.—Particulars thereof.—A valuable tree discovered.—Weather.—The natives again troublesome.—The Supply arrives from the Cape—A ship wrecked to the southward.—Particulars.—Assistance sent to the wreck.—Two accidents.—The Britannia arrives from England.—The Ganges arrives from Ireland.—Some runaways taken.—The Reliance arrives from the Cape.—New gaol finished.—The Francis returns from the wreck.—Boat missing.—Gale of wind.—Cattle from the Cape landed.—Coal discovered.—Natives.—Bennillong.—Boat seized and carried off to sea.—More coal found; and a new river.—The people left by Captain Bampton at New Zealand arrive at Norfolk Island.—The Deptford arrives from Madras.—Excursion to the Cow Pasture.—Walk from Mount Taurus to the sea coast.—Weather.—Another boat carried off.—The criminal court thrice assembled.—Particulars.—Natives very troublesome; seize a boat.—An attempt to seize another boat frustrated.—Ingratitude.—An amphibious animal discovered.—Weather. 407
XIX. Cole-be’s encounter with Ye-ra-ni-be.—Ye-ra-ni-be killed.—Various particulars respecting the natives.—Bennillong.—Schools at Sydney.—The Francis sails for the wreck.—Weather.—House burnt.—Account of live stock and ground in cultivation.—Attempt of some Irish convicts to desert in search of a new settlement.—A settler’s boat stolen.—Particulars.—The Francis returns from the southward.—Works.—Conjectures as to a strait.—Natives.—A convict providentially saved.—Weather.—The Francis again sails for the wreck.—Bennillong and his wife.—Report respecting the wild cattle.—Account of a journey to the westward.—Description of a new bird.—Mr. Bass returns from an excursion in an open boat to the southward.—Particulars of it.—Three Irishmen picked up.—Weather in