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and will make manifest the counsels of the heart." My purpose is to enlighten, not to condemn. The more we understand of what we profess to believe, the stronger is our faith therein; and the nearer we approach its development, the more necessary is it, that a lively interest be kindled in us, that our lamps be well trimmed, and our lights be found brightly burning (Matt. xxv. 4, 7, 10).

The Author.

West Hoboken, Hudson Co., N.J.,
December 8th, 1866.


The Author having been removed by death from the scene of his labours, this (second) edition of Anastasis is published by his executors, under an arrangement by which the Author, in his will, lays the foundation of a "Christadelphian Publication Society."

Birmingham, 29th July, 1871.


The Publisher of the second edition of Anastasis having been laid to rest by the side of Dr. Thomas, in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, U.S.A., in October, 1898, and a third edition being called for, it is issued in the conviction that "the time of the dead" is now imminent, the "signs of the times" having become unmistakably evident in the thirty years that have elapsed since the work was first issued.

Birmingham, 6th March, 1899.

Reprinted Nov., 1920.
ReprintedNov., 1935.