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Places of Interest 182-194
Excursions around the Capital 196-201
San Juan Teotihuacan 196
Pachuca 196-197
Cuernavaca 199-200
IV.— The Mexican National Railway 202-253
Route I.— From the City of Mexico to Manzanillo 202-236
Mexico to Toluca 202-205
Toluca 205-206
Toluca to Maravatio 206-209
Maravatio to Morelia 210-211
Acambaro 210
Morelia 211-215
Morelia to Pátzcuaro and thence to Manzanillo 215-220
Pátzcuaro via Ario to Jorullo 220-236
Acapulco 236
Route II.— From the City of Mexico to Laredo and Corpus Christi 237-253
Mexico to Celaya 237
Celaya to San Luis Potosí 237
San Luis Potosí 237-240
San Luis Potosí to Saltillo 240-245
Saltillo 245
Saltillo to Monterey 246-247
Monterey 248-249
Monterey to Laredo 249-252
New Laredo 252
Laredo 252-253
Laredo to Corpus Christi 253
V.— The Mexican Central Railway 254-289
Route I.— From the City of Mexico to Zacatecas 254-280
Mexico to Querétaro 254-260
The Canal of Huehuetoca 255-258
Querétaro 260-263
Querétaro to Guanajuato 263-269
Silao 264
Guanajuato 265-269
Guanajuato to Lagos 269-290
Lagos to Guadalajara and San Blas 270-273