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ishment of the archbishop and the suppression of the order of Jesuits. President Barrios, a man of enlightened and progressive views, was elected to the chief magistracy on May 9, 1873, and has continued to fill the office from that day to this. Since the revolution all religions have been tolerated.

AGTM D364 The National Institute, Guatemala.png

The National Institute, Guatemala.

The public debt on January 1, 1882, was $7,139,169. The annual revenue amounts to 17,479,719, and the expenditures are slightly in excess of this sum. The largest export trade is with the United States, and the largest import trade is with Great Britain. The main exports are coffee,[1] India-rubber, woolen cloths, hides, sugar, specie, timber, cochineal, cocoa, sarsaparilla, and fruit. In 1882 the exports of Guatemala amounted to $3,719,210, and the value of the imports was $2,254,574.

During 1882 the entry of vessels in the three principal ports was as follows: San José, 67 steamers, 25 sailing-vessels; Champerico, 50 steamers, 14 sailing-vessels; Livingston, 41 steamers, 13 sailing-vessels.

  1. About $4,000,000 worth of coffee is grown annually.