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¬jects ; and those who were saved with us, were not only obscure and ignorant persons, but were soon scattered abroad, according to their acci- dental fortunes, in an unknown land, and by the course of nature must long since have been in their graves." ¬" But your own history," I said, " must be infi- nitely interesting." "Toa stranger, like yourself," answered my kind protector, " cast not only upon a foreign shore, but upon a new and unheard of world, any account of the most illustrious indi- vidual, much more of myself, would be tiresome and uninstructive. Your courtesy only can ask for it now. My name is Morven — my family most ancient and respectable in Scotland, though not noble — that is all I have now to say concern- ing myself. — It is enough for the present, that I have arrived at such a rank and station as to afford you the means of seeing to the greatest advantage a country which, much as my parents used constantly to exalt my own in my infant fancy, cannot, I think, be inferior to it. Though placed as it were a kind of exile, in a remote ¬margin ¬