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go on with your history ; I burn with im- patience to hear it — I have no fears for the future — your father's apprehensions were well founded, but they have no application to me. He had not employed the means without which no seaman, even in our own seas, could ever return to his country; but fortunately I was more provident and skilful — I know within a gun-shot where the current began and ended, and could find out both to-morrow ; but the time is not yet arrived for it. — My adventure is too important to be thrown away, and indeed if my passage back again were as short as from Eng- land to France, I should with the utmost re- luctance undertake it, as it might separate me for ever from so kind and generous a friend — - proceed then with the fullest account of the world that has received me — I am all attention." ¬" Such a narrative," said the friendly Morven, "even if I were qualified to enter upon it, would be of no value to the inhabitant of another world ; it could only gratify a curiosity which your ¬mind ¬