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Persons of the Drama

YEKEL TCHAFTCHOVITCH, familiarly known as the “Uncle;” the owner of a brothel.

SARAH, his wife; formerly a prostitute.

RIFKELE, their daughter; a young girl of about seventeen.

HINDEL, first girl of the brothel; a girl of some thirty odd years, but much older in appearance.

MANKE, second girl; rather young.

REIZEL, third girl.

BASHA, a country lass, recently arrived.

SHLOYME, a procurer; Hindel's betrothed, a handsome chap of twenty-six.

REB ALI, a matchmaker; neighhor of the “Uncle.”

REB YANKEV, a pious Scribe.

A STRANGER, father of Rifkele's proposed husband.

A POOR WOMAN, blind in one eye.

Poor Men and Women of the neighborhood.

Time: The Present.

Place: One of the larger towns of a Russian province.