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colored noses got themselves up in the most superb style, though few were going to land at Brest, and took tender farewells of such ladies as did, each professing desolation and despair at the termination of a twelve days' flirtation.

"I am not fond of dirt, but I could kneel down and kiss this mud, so grateful am I to feel solid ground under my feet, after leading the life of a fly for so long," said Lavinia with emotion, as the three trudged up the wharf at Brest into a sort of barn which served for a custom-house.

"Now let each sit upon her luggage and clamor till some one comes and examines it, else it will get whisked away heaven only knows where," ordered Amanda, who was the leader in right of her knowledge of tongues.

Each perched accordingly on her one big trunk, and tried to "clamor." But nothing came of it save loss of time and temper, for no one paid the slightest heed to them; and it was maddening to see trunk after trunk passed and sent off followed by its rejoicing owner. Especially hard to bear was the sight of the green-velvet sinner, who with a smile or two won the sternest official to pass her five trunks