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improve my mind all the time as 'Mandy does, or cuddle and doze like Livy. I've had experience with young donkeys of all sorts, and I give you my word little Bernie is much better fun than some I've known with shorter ears and fewer legs."

Thus Matilda, regardless of the jeers of her friends, when they proposed having the small beast into the salon to beguile the tedium of a rainy day.

As the summer came on, picnics were introduced, and gay parties would pile into and on to Flabeau's small omnibus, and drive off to Hunandaye, Coétquën, La Belliere, Guingamp, or some other unpronounceable but most charming spot, for a day of sunshine and merry-making.

The hospitable English came out strong on these occasions, with "'ampers of 'am-sandwiches, bottled porter and so on, don't you know?" all in fine style. Even the stout doctor donned his knickerbockers and gray hose, unfurled his Japanese umbrella, and, with a pretty niece on either arm, disported himself like a boy.

But pleasantest of all were the daily strolls through the little town and its environs, getting glimpses of Breton manners and customs.