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French answer admirably, by talking very loud and fast, and saying, "Oui, oui, oui" on all occasions with much gesticulation, and bows and smiles of great suavity and sweetness.

"Clear out this rabble, or come back to the hotel and wait for the bus. We shall have the whole town round us soon, and I can't stand it," said Amanda, who had no romantic admiration for the Great Unwashed.

"You think I can't do it? Voila!" and, rising suddenly to an unexpected height, Matilda waved the umbrella like a bâton, cried "Allez!" in a stern voice, and the children fled like chaff before the wind.

" You see how little is needed, so don't vex me with learning your old verbs any more! " and Matilda closed her book with an air of calm satisfaction.

"Come home and rest. It is so warm here I am fairly melted," prayed Lavinia, who had been longing for summer, and of course, was not suited when she got it.

"Now, do remember one thing: don't let us be gregarious. We never know who we may pick up