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Prefatory Note

stanza 27 of the German ballad, which the reader can compare with the translated stanza:—

"Wie flog, was rund der Mond beschien,
Wie flog es in die Ferne!
Wie flogen oben über hin
Der Himmel und die Sterne!
"Graut Liebchen audi! Der Mond scheint hell!
Hurrah! die Todten reiten schnell!
Graut Liebchcn auch vor Todten?"
"'O weh! Lass ruhn die Todten!'"

So far as I am aware, the first English rendering of Lenore appeared in the Monthly Magazine, done by William Taylor of Norwich, and entitled Ellenore. It takes the literary form of a modern-antique, and throws the period of the ballad back from the Seven Years' War to crusading times. Next, Sir Walter Scott, in 1796, published a version anonymously. He borrowed from his predecessor (not from Bürger) the well-known lines—

"Tramp tramp along the land they rode,
Splash splash along the sea—"

(only substituting the word "along" for "across"). Considering that, according to Scott's and Taylor's translations,