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llamas have that apparent stiffness in the knees that lambs have), with her dainty white tail held proudly, her pretty neck arched and little head held coquettishly on one side, her bright eyes flashing right and left, lavishing Toby, Mike and Caliph with her flirtatious glances. She was the darling of her "set" and she knew it.

One day her mother decided not to contribute to "Beauty's" diet any longer. In place of a warm drink of milk she got a cuff and a bite on the neck. The little creature was stunned with disappointment. She tried later to make friends with her mother, but each attempt was frustrated, so Beauty went back to her hay with a heavy heart in her breast.

It seems to be a law in Llama land that mothers must be "cruel only to be kind"; so that the children will be strong, self-reliant and able to fend for themselves. "Beauty" was an aristocrat in Llama land. She was pure white which—is a rare thing. She was daintily made and carried herself like a young princess.

A "belle" has a great deal to be proud of and the right to expect much. She demanded a lot