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After awhile we all forgot the bottle—even Greg—except that now and then somebody would wonder what did become of it. We also forgot about the hole in the Sea Monster, because there were no more picnics on Wecanicut for weeks. This was on account of its being the rainiest June any one had ever heard of,—even Captain Moss, who is so old that he can remember more Junes than any one else we know.

Just in the middle of the rainiest week came the thing that made Aunt Ailsa so sad. She read it in the newspaper, in the casualty list. It was the last summer of the war, and there were great long casualty lists every day. This said that Somebody-or-other Westland was "wounded and missing." We didn't know why it made her so sad, because we'd never heard of such a person, but of course it was up to us to cheer her up as much as possible.