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of all trades and master of one Miss Julie i must give you to know that i am by trade a practical gardner i must conclude as i have no more rume x Miss Julie as i Do not know your uther naim i must allso give you to know that i understand How to shear :: Also can drive :: 7 saven Horses in a mariken waggon ::: i all so can drive 8 working bull-licks a Dray ::: i can also plow up ground with horses i can allso build and save corn allso can build up stacks of corn and than thatch them in allso can build sod Houses and thatch them and can also plaster all kinds of Houses with lime plaster or cobplaster inside they Houses or outside they Houses i allso understand gold mining. Miss Julie i must give you to know from me that their is a young women in christchurch Has offered to put : 70 : pound in my hand a week befor getting Married: if : i: would concant: to become: Dear Husband and get Married to Hur so Miss Julie if you do not concant to get: married : to me and become my: bride Miss Julie i must give you to know that i will write to that young women in christchurch for to com up to Me i must give you to know Miss Julie that you ought to strike they iron when it is Hot as a bird Hand is worth two: in: they bush: as it is not very day Miss Julie you will get a good mate Hin Marriage like Mr. George Ross Holmes so now good by My Dear for the present.”