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Barlaam and Josaphat

O friend, who sittest young yet wise
Beneath the Bo-tree s shade.
Confronting life with kindly eyes,
A scholar unafraid

To follow thought to any sea
Or back to any fount,
'Tis modern parables to me
From thy instruction mount.

Was Barlaam. truly Josaphat,
And Buddha truly each ?
What better parable than that
The unity to preach —

The simple brotherhood of souls
That seek the highest good ;
He who in kingly chariot rolls.
Or wears the hermit's hood!

The Church mistook? These heathen once
Among her Saints to range!
That deed of some diviner dunce
Our wisdom would not change.

For Culture's Pantheon they grace
In catholic array.
Each Saint hath had his hour and place.
But now 'tis All Saints' Day.


October 27, 1895