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Figure 94. Haemulon striatum, 154 mm SL, photo by W Toller.

Sciaenidae—drums and croakers

Equetus punctatus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)spotted drum; USNM, I; Figure 95

Pareques acuminatus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)high-hat; USNM, I; Figure 96


Mulloidichthys martinicus (Cuvier, 1829)yellow goatfish; USNM, F, I, O; Figure 97

Pseudupeneus maculatus (Bloch, 1793)spotted goatfish; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 98


Chaetodon capistratus Linnaeus, 1758foureye butterflyfish; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 99

Chaetodon ocellatus Bloch, 1787spotfin butterflyfish; USNM, F, O, V

Chaetodon sedentarius Poey, 1860reef butterflyfish; UF, O, V

Chaetodon striatus Linnaeus, 1758banded butterflyfish; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 100

Prognathodes aculeatus (Poey, 1860)longsnout butterflyfish; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 101


Centropyge argi Woods & Kanazawa, 1951cherubfish; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 102

Holacanthus ciliaris (Linnaeus, 1758)queen angelfish; USNM, F, I, O, V

Holacanthus tricolor (Bloch, 1795)rock beauty; USNM, I, O, V; Figures 103, 104

Pomacanthus arcuatus (Linnaeus, 1758)gray angelfish; V

Figure 95. Equetus punctatus, 146.8 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 96. Pareques acuminatus, 150.0 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 97. Mulloidichthys martinicus, 105 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.

Pomacanthus paru (Bloch, 1787)French angelfish; O, V

Kyphosidae—sea chub

Kyphosus incisor (Cuvier, 1831)yellow chub; V

Kyphosus sectatrix (Linnaeus, 1766)Bermuda chub; O, V


Amblycirrhitus pinos (Mowbray, 1927)redspotted hawkfish; USNM, I, O; Figure 105


Chromis cyanea (Poey, 1860)blue chromis; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 106

Chromis multilineata (Guichenot, 1853)brown chromis; USNM, I, O, V; Figure 107

Microspathodon chrysurus (Cuvier, 1830)yellowtail damselfish; O, V

Figure 98. Pseudupeneus maculatus, 218.8 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.