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Figure 99. Chaetodon capistratus, 99.4 mm SL; when younger, the specimen was apparently injured in the region of the fourth dorsal-fin spine (missing) and the area healed leaving a gap in the fin; photo by JT Williams.

Stegastes adustus (Troschel, 1865) dusky damselfish; O

Stegastes leucostictus (Müller & Troschel, 1848) beaugregory; O

Stegastes partitus (Poey, 1868)bicolor damselfish; USNM, I, O, V; Figures 108, 109

This species has a variable color pattern throughout its range. Two color morphs were found at Saba Bank. Both morphs have a yellow pectoral fin and a reduced yellowish white area covering the caudal peduncle. One morph has a black caudal fin (Figure 108) and the other morph has a pale yellowish caudal fin with a dusky brown area in the middle of the upper and lower lobes (Figure 109).

Stegastes planifrons (Cuvier, 1830)threespot damselfish; USNM, I, O; Figure 110

Figure 100. Chaetodon striatus, 111.3 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 101. Prognathodes aculeatus, 62.9 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 102. Centropyge argi, 33.8 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 103. Holacanthus tricolor, 19.3 mm SL, juvenile color pattern, photo by JT Williams.