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                           CAMP OF ISRAEL.

                                       No. 2.

               Lo, a mighty host of Jacob,
                 Tented on the western shore
               Of the noble Mississippi,
                 They had crossed, to cross no more.
               At the last day—dawn of winter,
                 Bound with frost and wrapped in snow;
               Hark! the cry is "Onward, onward!
                 Camp of Israel, rise and go."

               All at once is life and motion—
                 Trunks, and beds, and baggage fly;
               Oxen yoked, and horses harnessed,
                 Tents rolled up and passing by:
               Soon the carriage wheels are moving,
                 Onward to a woodland dell,
               Where at sunset all are quartered—
                 Camp of Israel, all is well.

               Thickly 'round the tents are clustered,
                 Neighb'ring smokes together blend;
               Supper served, the hymns are chanted,
                 And the evening prayers ascend.
               Last of all the guards are stationed—
                 Heavens! must guards be serving here?
               Who would harm the houseless exiles?
                 Camp of Israel, never fear.

               Where is Freedom? Where is Justice?
                 Both have from this nation fled;
               And the blood of martyred Prophets
                 Must be answered on it's head!
               Therefore, to your tents, O Jacob!
                 Like our Father Abra'm dwell;
               God will execute His purpose—
                 Camp of Israel, all is well.
March 1st, 1846.