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Elder Snow writes from London, under date of August 21, as follows: Dear Brother—This morning I occupy a few moments in communicating a general view of the present state and prosperity of the London Conference.

Six months since, when I took charge of this conference we numbered less than one hundred members; since then we have increased to two hundred and twenty.

I recently had the pleasure of spending three weeks in Bedford and vicinity. My heart truly rejoiced to witness the good order, peace and love prevailing there. The zeal and untiring perseverance of the officers of the Church in Bedford, in leaving their homes on Sunday morning, after having labored with their hands all the week, and then walking eight and ten miles to proclaim the fulness of the Gospel, is truly worthy of commendation and of imitation by all who labor in the name, and by the authority of Jesus Christ. During the time I was in Bedford, twenty-three persons were baptized into Zion's fold, in that place and vicinity.

London, October 28, 1841.

Elder Pratt:

Dear Brother.—In a moment our joys are turned to sorrow, our pleasures into pain. Death has entered this part of Zion's fold, and taken one of her best and most worthy daughters.

This morning, our beloved sister, Elizabeth Morgan, after a short illness, bid adieu to her weeping husband, children and friends, and took her departure to the fair climes of Immortality. She was beloved by all the Saints, and much respected throughout the extensive circle of her worldly acquaintance.

By her faith and knowledge, the curtains of Zion have been extended, and through her benevolence the Saints have been made to rejoice. With herself and husband, our Elders first found a home when they were strangers in London,